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History of the Matthews' Farm

The Matthews' Farm was homesteaded by Peter Vulman in 1871 according to Buchanan County records. The original size of the farm is unknown but currently sits at 240 acres. The grounds allowed for a nearly independent lifestyle. Food came from domestic and wild animals and fruits and vegetables were grown where weddings take place currently. Ice was gathered from the Missouri River, which was closer to the farm than present day’s landscape. The ice was placed in an ice house which stored beef and pork processed on the farm.

The area is blessed with clean abundant well water and fertile sandy soil from when the Missouri River used to flood the land hundreds of years ago. The same water is used today to maintain the many plants and trees you see around the farm.

 A log cabin was originally built until the farmhouse could be completed along with the barn and granary you see today. The two-story farmhouse was built in 1884. Trees were cut and then milled in Kansas and transported back to the farm to complete these structures. There was also an ice house, smoke house and corn crib. The barn yard contained several domesticated animals including cattle, pigs, and mules for labor plus a chicken house for eggs and eating. A large pasture stretched to the west with massive walnut trees scattered throughout the meadow.

We look forward to making your event part of our history.

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